Broadening Access Membership Scheme

We are excited to launch a new initiative to help support more postgraduate students from developing economies* in their malacological studies.

We are offering 10 postgraduate students each year free membership to The Malacological Society of London for a period of 3 years under the new Broadening Access Membership Scheme (BAMS).

Students who are studying a postgraduate malacology-related course in countries designated ‘developing economies’* are invited to apply for this award with the support of their supervisor. Applications are open immediately and will close when all 10 memberships have been allocated. Membership of the first round starts on 1st January 2023 and end on 31st December 2025.

The scheme will run on a yearly basis and applications will open again next autumn.

Successful candidates will benefit from:

  • online access to entire archive of Journal of Molluscan Studies (back to 1893)
  • electronic delivery of Society’s bulletin, The Malacologist
  • access to a higher rate of travel grant
  • regular communication from MSL about the Society’s themed meetings and the annual Molluscan Forum

Application procedure:

Please send applications and proof of course registration to the Membership Secretary:

Selection criteria:

Applicants must fulfil the conditions stated below and will be selected on a first-come basis.


  • Students must be registered for their postgraduate course in a country designated as a ‘developing economy’*.
  • The course must have a strong malacological focus.
  • Students must have the support of their supervisor and must send proof of course registration with their application and for each membership year.
  • Membership will last for a maximum of 3 years, not the duration of a course, and an individual can only receive the award once.
  • If there is a gap in a student’s study their membership will stop, but if a course is upgraded (e.g., from MSc to PhD) and the student’s study is continuous, then the membership can continue for the full duration of the scheme.
  • Students on part-time courses and those undertaking course work-only courses can also apply.

* WESP2019_BOOK-ANNEX-en.pdf (