Councillors and Officers

Nominations For Council

Any member can nominate members for Council. Please send nominations for the Council to the Secretary by 31 December, for election at the AGM in spring. Councillors serve for 3 years, two members being replaced each year.

President Jon Ablett (
Vice President Fiona Allan
Vice President Philip Hollyman
Hon. Secretary Debbie Wall-Palmer (
Hon. Awards Officer (& X) Lauren Sumner-Rooney (
Hon. Membership Secretary Harriet Wood (
Hon. Archivist Andreia Salvador
Hon. Treasurer Katrin Linse (
Councillor Robert Cameron
Councillor Aidan Emery
Councillor Victoria Sleight
Councillor Katie Collins
Councillor Rowan Whittle
Councillor John Grahame
E.C.-Rep Thomas Goulding
Co-opted Phil Fenberg
Co-opted Crispin Little
Co-opted Alan Hodgson
Journal Editor Dinarzarde Raheem
Bulletin Editor Georges Dussart
Web managers John Grahame (web) / Victoria Sleight (Facebook)