The Oxford Prize for Malacology

The Oxford Prize for Malacology is awarded annually for the best presentation at the Molluscan Forum and is generously supported by Oxford University Press, publisher of  Journal of Molluscan Studies.

The 2023 winner is Giada Spagliardi, Marine Ecology & Evolution Department, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherlands, for her talk ‘More than meets the eye: integrative taxonomy uncovers hidden diversity in the Limacina species complex’

Previous winners:

2022 Margrethe Johansen (University of Nottingham)

2021 Alison Irwin (Natural History Museum, London, and University of Bristol)

2020 Lauren Eggleton (University of Sheffield, UK)

2019 Edgar Ledesma (University of Sheffield, UK)

2018      Franziska Bergmeier

2017     Luke Helmer

2016     Aidan O’Hanlon (NUI Galway, Ireland)

2015     Phil Hollyman (University of Bangor, UK)

2014     William Foster (University of Plymouth, UK)

2013    James Burgon (University of Glasgow, UK)