Molluscan Forum

The Molluscan Forum is held every year at the Natural History Museum, London. The Society is currently planning a special 20th Anniversary edition of the Forum, which will take place on 22nd November 2018. The Molluscan Forum is designed to be informal and to bring together people starting their research on molluscs, to give them the opportunity to present and discuss their work and to compare notes on methods and problems. Once again, the Forum will be held consecutively with the Young Systematists’ Forum (, also at the Natural History Museum.

Attendance is open to all, but speakers and poster presenters should be research students, post-doctoral researchers, undergraduate students starting molluscan projects or dissertations, and amateurs engaged in substantial projects that have not yet been published. Any topic related to molluscs is acceptable: palaeontological, physiological, behavioural, ecological, systematic, morphological or molecular. The Forum will end with a wine reception sponsored by The Society.

There is NO registration fee and a limited amount of help with travel costs will be available for presenters who cannot claim them from elsewhere.

Most of all, the Forum is relaxed and fun!

The 22nd Molluscan Forum will be held at the Natural History Museum in November 2020