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August 25-29, 2009

10th International Congress on Medical and Applied Malacology

Busan, Republic of Korea

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September 14-17 2009

Southeast Asian Gateway Evolution

Royal Holloway, University of London

A major multidisciplinary meeting that will focus on the geological and biological history of the region and include discussion of geology, tectonics, oceanography, climate, biogeography and biodiversity.

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Details of speakers, accommodation,registration,pre- and post- conference field trips, abstract submission, important dates at

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Thursday 12th November 2009

The Malacological Society of London

Molluscan Forum 2009

10 a.m. - 6 p.m. in the Palaeontology Demonstration Room,

Natural History Museum, London

This annual informal meeting is designed to bring together people starting their research on molluscs, to give them the opportunity to present and discuss their work and to compare notes on methods and problems. Attendance is open to all aznd is free, but speakers and poster presenters should be research students, post-docs, undergraduates and amateurs engaged in substantial projects which have not yet been published. Abstracts appear in the February issue of The Malacologist. The forum ends with a wine reception.

See Society website for details of talks, posters and timetable:

November 25-27 2009

Malacological Society of Australasia

Molluscs 2009

University of Queensland , Brisbane

Fisheries, Aquaculture and Bioactives

Phylogeny, Systematics and Biogeography

Physiology and Evolutionary Development

Ecology, Conservvation and Indicators of Environmental Change

Followed by two 2-day workshops on freshwater mollusks and marine bivalves at Moreton Bay Research Station on Stradbroke Island.

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January 11-20 2010

Undergraduate Mollusc course

University of Wollongong , New South Wales

Tutors: Winston Ponder, Don Colgan and Andy Davis

July 24-28, 2010

2 nd International Sclerochronology Conference

University of Maintz , Germany

There will also be two days with workshops, roundtable discussions and a field trip.

1 st circular:

6-13 September 2010

The Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland and Porcupine Marine Natural History Society

Joint Marine Field Meeting

Isles of Scilly

Details: gs.php

Meetings of the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland

For details, see the Conchological Society's website:

5 September. Walden Dale.

18-21 September. Isle of Skye marine meeting.

3 October. NHM, London. Luciana Genio: Bathymodiolus in NE Atlantic cold seeps.

17 October. Upper Nidderdale.

24 October. Sherwood Forest.

7 November. Leeds Discovery Centre.

28 November. Annual Workshop, Woking.

12 December. NHM, London. Graham Long & June Chatfield: Non-marine molluscs of Hampshire.

30 January. Nathalie Yonow - Sea slugs of the Red Sea.