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Volume 53


The times they are a-changing

Having, after some years, achieved a measure of stability in the production of The Malacologist, it is time for change. As part of several contemplated changes to The Society, it is possible that this newsletter may eventually become primarily Web-based publication, with paper copy only supplied where specifically requested. The changes being considered reflect the changing priorities in The Society. While the publication of a professional Journal is the priority, this also generates income, so that the continuing decline in membership is not seen as impacting on our viability. Indeed, we managed to steadily increase the number and value of our research and travel grants. Please send me contributions for the next (February 2010) issue by mid-January. I welcome short original articles and reviews, and news items - especially those from non-malacological journals. Please remember to keep articles and abstracts "as short as possible but as long as necessary" and avoid or explain specialist terms. Where appropriate include a reference to a more detailed account, and illustrations. Copyright on all illustrations remains with the originator.

Dr S E R ('Bill') Bailey

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