Text Box:     Number 52 (February 2009)
Text Box: The Malacologist


of The Society will be held at 12.40 in

association with the above meeting


Text Box: Thursday April 2nd  2009
Text Box: September 14-17 2009
Southeast Asian Gateway Evolution
Royal Holloway, University of London

A major multidisciplinary meeting that will focus on the geological and biological history of the region and include discussion of geology, tectonics, oceanography, climate, biogeography and biodiversity.
The second circular is available at: http://sage2009.rhul.ac.uk/SAGE2009-2nd-Circular.pdf
Details of speakers, accommodation, registration,pre- and post- conference field trips, abstract submission, important dates at http://sage2009.rhul.ac.uk
Abstracts (<400 words) by 31st March.
Reduced registration fee until 31st May.
Enquiries about Biodiversity, Speciation and Climate to sage2009@nhm.ac.uk. Enquiries about geology, tectonics and oceanography to sage2009@es.rhul.ac.uk.


Malacological Society of London

Molluscs in Ancient Lakes:

     An Ecological Perspective

11a.m. - 5p.m.

The Linnean Society, Burlington House, London

Ancient lakes are aquatic island systems with high a and b species diversity. This symposium, organised by Elinor Michel, NHM London,  will bring together specialists who have approached the ecology of molluscan species flocks in different ancient lakes using a range of methods. Speakers include Thomas von Rintelen, Peter McIntyre,  Martin Genner, Frank Wesselingh, Thomas Wilke and Christian Albrecht.

14-19 June 2009

7th International Conference on

Molluscan Shellfish Safety

Nantes, France

Web site: www.icmss09.com

Conference secretariat: icms...@ifremer.fr


22-25 June 2009


Sustainable approaches to slug and snail

control in a warming world

Pamplona, Spain

Presentations on both fundamental and applied aspects are encouraged, to develop new strategies for control.

Organiser:  Dr Bill Symondson.





August 26-29

X International Congress on

Medical and Applied Malacology

Novotel Ambassador Hotel, Busan, Korea.


Organised jointly by the International Society for Medical and AppliedMalacology and the Malacological Society of Korea.

The 1st Circular is available at http://www.icmam.org

Reduced registration fee before 1 May. Full abstract by 31 May.

Further information from the chair of the organizing committee at skc...@cheju.ac.kr



18-24 July 2010

World Congress of Malacology


Royal Phuket City Hotel,

Phuket, Thailand

This will be the first WCM in Asia, and the island of Phuket is often called the ‘Pearl of Andaman’, set amidst National Parks, recreational beaches and scuba dive sites.


Planned Symposia:

Phylogeny and biology of freshwater bivalves (A Bogan & R Hoeh)

Biology & evolution of limpets (A Hodgson)

Bivalve evolution & bivalve tree-of-life project (R. Bieler, G. Giribet, P. Mikkelsen)

Community ecology of tropical forest land snails (D. Raheem & F Naggs)


The last 50 years of malacology: speciation, methodological transformation and globalization (R Hershler & D Lindberg)

Suggestions for further symposia are invited.

Enquiries to the organiser soms...@sc.chula.ac.th.



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