Text Box:     Number 52 (February 2009)
Text Box: The Malacologist
This publication is not deemed to be valid for taxonomic/nomenclatural purposes [see Article 8b in the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature 3rd Edition (1985), edited by W.D. Ride et al.].
Text Box: The Society’s Education Awards
Text Box: The Society has been making Education Awards to schools for two years, but the scheme is not widely known in schools. Enclosed in this issue is a description of the scheme which members can hand to their local school.  Council members have concerns both about being overwhelmed by applications and about our ability to judge across differing education systems worldwide, but we don’t want to exclude anyone, and hope that we may be able to spread some good ideas.
The scheme offers a stimulating way to learn a sound scientific outlook, and most molluscs are readily collected, safe to work with, given basic hygiene, and land and freshwater molluscs are easy to keep - the commonest mistake being to leave the container in direct sunlight. When a student and I ran a mapping Text Box: EDITORIAL

project with schools many years ago, we noticed that the uptake was mostly from younger pupils, before they acquired the ‘yuk’ notion from parents!

Please send contributions (articles, brief reviews, and news items - including items from non-malacological journals) for the next issue (August 2009). Please remember to keep articles and abstracts “as short as possible but as long as necessary” and avoid or explain specialist terms. Where appropriate, include a reference to a more detailed account, and an illustration. Copyright on all illustrations remains with the originator.

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