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Volume 48

2nd International Workshop on Opisthobranchs

20th to 2nd of September 2006


The aim of the workshops is to bring together many scientists from all over the world working on the evolution or other aspects of Opisthobranchia, to present actual results, as well as new projects and/or initiate new collaborations.

51 students and scientists from 12 different countries came to the second workshop, and 23 lectures and 24 posters were presented (see website Forschung). Subjects were: Systematics, phylogeny (from genus to opisthobranchs in general), population genetics, biogeography, biochemistry and natural products, ecophysiology, neurobiology and neuroethology, functional morphology and ultrastructure, ontogeny and methods in general, e.g. 3D reconstructions. The presentations were of high quality and included many unpublished results. These will be published in the Bonner Zoologische Beiträge.
The atmosphere was very cooperative and several new collaborations have started. Especially for the younger scientists and students, this was a good opportunity to see their research in a broader context. The next workshop will be held in 3 years time. The venue is still under discussion.

I wish to thank all participants, without whose valuable contributions the workshop wouldn't have been so successful.

Heike Wägele, November 2006
The organisers (left to right) Annette Klussmann-Kolb, Heike Wagele and Michael Schrodl From left to right : Conxita Avila(Spain), Lucy Turner (U.K.) Paul Katz (U.S.A.) and Fonje Kaligis with Lucas Cervera in the background