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Volume 48


R. C. JOSHI AND L. S. SEBASTIAN (editors) 2007

Global Advances in the Ecology and Management of Golden Apple Snails

600 pages, hardbound. 7.78 cm x 25.4 cm 1.6 kg.
ISBN: 978-971-9081-31-9

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Here in one publication is all information so far known about golden apple snails (GAS) and the rice systems and countries they have afflicted. Around 600 pages of information are devoted to these species that continue to expand their distribution. With this complete publication, the knowledge vacuum on the ecology and management of GAS will be filled.
Some 24 chapters cover various aspects of snail taxonomy (traditional as well as molecular tools), impacts of GAS on aquatic ecosystems and farmers' health, and pesticide abuse/misuse. GAS-invaded countries have submitted their separate country reports.
Some chapters are dedicated to the utilization of GAS as food and as a natural paddy weeder, with some information available on the biorational approach in its management and control.
The publication ensures comprehensive reference on the topic, written by experts around the world for the benefit of all researchers, students, and various organizations and libraries who need information on the subject.

O BAR-YOSEF (editor) 2005

Molluscs in former environments of human behaviour

Oxbow Books ISBN-10: 1-84217-120-8 Hardback. Price GB £40.00

Molluscs are the most common invertebrate remains found at archaeological sites, but archaeomalacology (the study of molluscs in archaeological contexts) is a relatively new archaeological discipline and the field of zooarchaeology is seen by many as one mainly focused on the remains of vertebrates. The papers in this volume hope to redress this balance, bringing molluscan studies into mainstream zooarchaeological and archaeological debate, and resulting in a monograph with a truly international flavour.

An introduction to Archaeomalacology (Daniella E Bar-Yosef Mayer);
Land snails, artifacts, and faunal remains: understanding site formation processes at prehistoric/protohistoric sites in southeastern United States (Evan Peacock et al.);
Seasonal shell growth and oxygen isotopes (d18O) in the variable Coquina clam, Donax variabilis Say, 1822 (Irvy R Quitmyer et al.);
Pre-ceramic precolumbian shellfish consumption and shell tool production: shell remains from Orient Bay, Saint Martin, Northern Lesser Antilles (Nathalie Serrand and Dominique Bonnissent);
Shell middens in the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua: prehistoric patterns of mollusc collection and consumption (Ermengol Gassiot Ballbe);
Marine mussels - wear is the evidence (Janice Light);
The exploitation of mollusks in the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene of Italy (Andre Colonese and Barbara Wilkens);
Shells at the Bronze Age settlement of Coppa Nevigata (Apulia - Italy) (Claudia Minniti);
The evidence of Spondylus ornamental objects in the central Mediterranean Sea. Two cases of study: Sicily and Malta (Salvatore Chilardi et al.);
Shells from prehistoric sites of Northern Greece (Lilianne Karali);
To dye for: reconstructing Murex royal purple and biblical blue (Deborah Ruscillo);
Marine and terrestrial mollusks from Neolithic Bronze age and Hellenistic sites in the Almiros and Sourpi plains (Thessaly, Greece) (Wietske Prummel);
Marine Shells from the early preceramic Neolithic of Cyprus at Shillourokambos (9th-8th mill. cal. BC): a mainly ornamental set with similarities to mainland PPNB (Nathalie Serrand and J D Vigne);
Molluscan fauna from Late Bronze and Iron Age strata at Tell Abu Hawam (Inbar Baruch et al.);
Shifts in epipalaeolithic marine shell exploitation at Wadi Mataha, Southern Jordan (Joel Janetski);
The use of marine shells at Sumhuram, Oman (Barbara Wilkens);
Study of a shell midden in the Sultanate of Oman: the excavation of Suwayh 1 (Chloe Martin);
Marine shell utilization by the chalcolithic cultures of the Western Deccan region of India (Arali Deshpande-Mukherjee).

Monograph of living chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora), Volume 6 Family Schizochitonidae
ISBN 9004115781 Series abbreviation and number KAAS006. €195.00, US$250.00.

A Conchological Iconography part 12:
The family Pectinidae

402 pp, A4 loose leaf. 242 maps, 143 b+w and 320 colour plates. Conch Books, Hackenheim, Germany.
ISBN 3-925919-78-3. €280.00.

Tentacle No. 15
Newsletter of the IUCN Species Survival Commission - Mollusc Specialist Group is available free. Go to: and click on 'tentacle'.

Caribbean Sea Slugs
A field guide to the opisthobranch molluscs from the tropical northwestern Atlantic

289 pp, colour and b+w photos.
SeaChallengers Natural History Books, Washington, USA. ISBN 0-9700574-2-3.
Out of my shell
A diversion for shell lovers

ISBN 0-9769567-0-5. 212 pp, softcover $20, hardcover $75.