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Volume 47

Small is Smart

First winners of The Society’s Education Award
The Society’s Secretary, Villie Flari, and Awards Secretary, Tony Walker, met pupils from Portway Junior School, Andover, in the Natural History Museum after the presentation of their ‘Golden Snail Award’.
Children from Portway Junior School, Andover, Hants, visited the Natural History Museum in London on 29th June to meet members of council and receive the first of The Society’s Education Awards and a cheque for £200 for their school. The award is for their class project

‘All snails eat cabbage, don’t they?’,

in which they demonstrated the fundamentals of scientific enquiry — concept of a fair test, need for replication etc.

Pupils with teachers and helpers answering questions from the President, Professor Georges Dussart, Canterbury, Kim Willis receiving the Education Award :-), a cast of a sculpted golden apple snail [in resin, not gold :-( ], on behalf of her class,
informal malacology with Society Secretary, Dr Villie Flari, from Central Science Laboratory, York, and Beth Hine, Anna Bull, Luke Baird and Laura Mann, Awards Secretary, Dr Tony Walker, from Kingston University,
Dr Suzanne Williams and Professor John Taylor (Natural History Museum), Dr Richard Preece (Cambridge University) enthralls pupils,
Professor Mark Davies, University of Sunderland, and Victoria Quincey seem to express doubt about the sizes of the snails that got away from Beth Young and Jessica Allmark The editor of The Malacologist, Dr Bill Bailey, University of Manchester, is persuaded to include photos in the next issue.

For details of how to apply for an Education Award, see The Society’s webpage