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Volume 45

New Publications


Fossil Invertebrates   2005

231 x 261 mm, p/b, 208 pp.16 pp colour section, 150 b+w photos.

ISBN 0 565 09183 2,  £25

Natural History Museum Publishing. Available from Natural History Museum bookshop and selected bookshops and  Phone:01752 202 301. In US from Smithsonian Books. In Australia and New Zealand from CSIRO.

Mitra SC, Dey A & Ramakrishna          2005

Pictorial Handbook: Indian Land Snails

Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India. vi+344 pp. plates + figs. US$75. ISBN 81-8171-050-9.

Classic Malacology e-Books

From includes Alder & Hancock (1845) British Nudibranchiate Mollusca; Brown (1845) Land & Freshwater Conchology of Gt Britain & Ireland; Forbes Malacologia Monensis; Sowerby 1859 and 1887 (Each £2).

J-W Wagele            2005

Foundations of Phylogenetic Systematics

2nd edition translated from the German edition. 365 pp, 218 figs, 24.5 x 17.3 cm hard cover. ISBN 3-89937-056-2. € 45.00. Published by Verlag Dr Friedrich Pfeil.

Carriker, M 2004

Taming of the Oyster:

A history of evolving shellfisheries and the National Shellfisheries Association.

264 pp. ISBN 0-9752881-0-5. Sheridan Press. Ordering information:

APH Oliver               2004

Guide to Seashells of the World

320 pp. colour. Paperback. £9.99 Published by Philip’s. ISBN 0540085669

Morley MS               2004

A Photographic Guide to Seashells of New Zealand

143 p, paperback. £7.99. New Holland

Bertrand A               2004

Atlas preliminaire de repartition geographique des mollusques stygobies de la faune de France (Mollusca: Rissoiodea: Caenogastropoda).

Documents Malacologie=ques, horsserie No. 2. 82 pp. Boussenac. ISSN 1629-9043.

New Websites

Gary Rosenberg

Online key to Jamaican landsnails

Paula Mikkelsen

Western Atlantic Bivalves

a new on-line checklist and database on Recent marine bivalves at

Coan EV, Kabat AR & Petit RE . 2005

2,400 Years of Malacology

A catalogue of biographical and bibliographical papers on malacologists, conchologists, palaeontologists and others with an interest in molluscs, on-line at