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Volume 50   February 2008

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Molluscan Forum 2007 Awards and Grants
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  Hooked squids   Travel Awards
  Giant African Land Snail in Nepal Annual Award Report
  Inducible defence in Littorina obtusata Forthcoming Meetings
  Sri Lankan rainforest snails Society Business
  Neritid Smaragdia viridis and seagrasses   Society Notices
  Molluscs in Irish Holocene tufas    
  Anisus vorticulus (Planorbidae) habitats    
Annual Award Reports    
  Streptaxomorph shells    
  Anomalodesmatan phylogeny.    



This publication is not deemed to be valid for taxonomic/nomenclatural purposes [see Article 8b in the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature 3rd Edition (1985), edited by W.D. Ride et al.].

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