125th Anniversary Symposium

New perspectives on evolution in molluscs: from fossils to next generation sequencing
21 March 2018
Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum, London

You are warmly invited to attend this celebratory symposium to accompany the 125th Annual General Meeting of the Malacological Society of London, hosted by the Natural History Museum, London.

The meeting will include talks from world-renowned experts in the field of malacology, covering aspects of molluscan evolution and life histories ranging from pharmacology, palaeontology and chemosymbiosis to larval development and shell structure. Focused on the phylum Mollusca, these talks will be of interest to evolutionary biologists, biogeographers, marine biologists and palaeontologists.

Preliminary Schedule (subject to change):
10.00-10.30          Registration and tea and coffee
10.30-10.40          Welcome
10.40-11.25          Prof. Geerat Vermeij: Shell Function and the History of Life: An Arena and                                                      Bedrock of Evolution
11.25-12.10          Prof. Sarah Samadi: Title TBC
12.10-13.30          Lunch (provided by the Malacological Society of London)
13.30-14.15          Prof. Toto Olivera: Venomous Fish-Hunting Conus From Behaviour and                                                            Phylogeny to Drug Development
14.15-15.00          Prof. Yasunori Kano: Larval ecology matters: macroevolution and                                                                      spatiotemporal distributions of neritimorph gastropods
15.00-15.30          Tea & coffee; 125th AGM of the Malacological Society of London
15.30-16.15          Prof. Dan Distel: Kuphus polythalamia: uncovering the biology of a giant                                                        shipworm
16.15-17.00          Dr Carmel McDougall: The molecular basis of molluscan                                                                                        biomineralisation
17.00-17.10          Closing remarks
17.10-18.45          Wine reception

The meeting is free to attend but registration is necessary. Please register by sending an email to the automated account MSL-events@nhm.ac.uk. You will receive a bounce back message to say that you have successfully registered. Please do not send queries to this account as it is not monitored. Each participant must register via a separate email.

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Dan Distel, Ocean Genome Legacy Center, Northeastern University, USA

Prof. Yasunori Kano, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr Carmel McDougall, Griffith University, Australia

Prof. Toto Olivera, University of Utah, USA

Prof. Sarah Samadi, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris

Prof. Geerat Vermeij, University of California, Davis, USA