Programme of Meetings

The objectives of The Society have been pursued with a long tradition of scientific meetings. The scope of these meetings has evolved to accommodate changing emphasis in research. Although the majority of meetings are held in London, The Society also organises meetings at other centres in the UK and, occasionally, outside the UK. Anyone interested, whether a member or not, is always welcome to attend. Offers of presentations are always welcome: contact the organiser of the meeting.

The Society’s future meetings and other meetings with malacological content

AGM 2017 and Symposium on Molluscan Colour and Vision

The Malacological Society of London, together with the Natural History Museum, is hosting a symposium, “Molluscan Colour and Vision” to accompany its annual general meeting. The meeting will be held on the 27th of April 2017 in the Flett Lecture Theatre at the Natural History Museum.

The phylum Mollusca is highly speciose and is the largest phylum in the marine realm. Many species are brightly coloured and patterned and yet nearly all molluscs are thought to be colour blind. Despite their limitations with colour vision, molluscs showcase a myriad of different eye types, many of which are unique in the animal kingdom. In this symposium speakers will cover a range of topics that highlight the extraordinary nature of colour and vision in molluscs.

Registration:  The meeting is free but registration is necessary.

Please register by sending an email to the automated account You will receive a bounce back message to say that you have successfully registered. Please do not send queries to this account. Each participant must register in a separate email.


1100-1110: Introduction and welcome.

1110-1130: Jakob Vinther: Fossil colour and molluscan evolution.

1130-1220: Daniel Speiser: The function and evolution of highly-dispersed visual systems in molluscs.

1220-1240: Trevor Wardill: Neural control of squid skin iridescence and its potential role for communication.

1240-1400: MSL AGM

1400-1450:  Sönke Johnsen: Tricks of light, mirror, and color: The beautiful camouflage of pelagic cephalopods.

1450-1510: Lauren Sumner-Rooney: The repeated evolution of eye loss in deep-sea solariellid gastropods.

1510-1530: Marcel Koken: New lights on biodiversity: natural fluorescence.

1530-1600: Tea and coffee.

1600-1620: Suzanne Williams: Identification of pigments and genes contributing to shell colour in a marine snail.

1620-1640: Nick Roberts: Seeing the world in a different light – polarization vision in cephalopods.

1640-1700: Angus Davison: Cepaea colour polymorphism – why and how do snails vary in their shell colour and banding?

1700-1720: Alexander Arkhipkin: Coevolution in body coloration and camouflage in cephalopods and fish.

1720-1730: Wrap up and thanks.

1730-1900: Wine reception.

We hope to see you in London!


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